About Us

Free My Time Delivery has never been a traditional delivery or courier service.  FMT Delivery was founded in 2003 by owner Adam Conway, who was inspired by his own desire to be freed from too many time consuming tasks.  While initially focusing on residential grocery and errand services, it was not long before our current business customers found us.  We received phone calls from businesses hoping to find a service willing to take over their supply procurement hassles.  We found there to be a demand for other delivery services too.  We realized that businesses also need help completing their to-do list.  Not only could we help these companies save time, we could even lower their total cost in the process.

Over the years, FMT Delivery has developed numerous win-win relationships with companies and individuals.  Our main motivation is helping customers make better use of their time and resources.

As a small business owner, Adam understands what other small businesses are looking for.  We understand that competitive pricing is a must.  Our top priority is working closely with our customers and figuring out how we can lower their total costs.  Of course there is more to great value than price.  We also provide courteous, dependable drivers, and you can rest assured your deliveries will be completed on time.