Why Choose Us?

If you are tired of costly, inconvenient trips to the store, or sending out an employee resulting in lost productive time and an increase in liability, then it’s time to call Free My Time Delivery.

Whatever supplies your business needs, we’ll deliver it. From soda to snacks to cutlery, from paper clips to paper cartons. You are only limited by what is available from Lincoln stores such as Sam’s Club, HyVee, Office Depot, and so on. While most orders are filled at Sam’s Club and HyVee, we are available to pick up what you need from wherever you need us to go. We are spread all over town on a daily basis and it is our job to help you optimize the procurement of all you business supply needs.

Eliminate Hassles
Imagine…no more lifting, no carrying, no loading, no unloading, no sweating, no injuries, no standing in line, no shopping, no traffic, no hassles!

Free Up Your Time
Whether for yourself or for an employee, time not spent obtaining your supplies is time better spent doing real work and making your business more profitable.

“Free My Mind” Advantage
You have enough to worry about. We don’t think you shWhy ould be spending valuable time worrying about if you are about to run out of forks, or plates, or anything else. Once we figure out exactly how much and how often you need specific items, we will be able to automate the process. When it’s time for your next order, we’ll send you a link to review your online order in case you want to add anything. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Full Service Advantage
We don’t just drop your order at the back door. We actually rotate your stock to ensure freshness and put your break-room supplies in your cabinets so you don’t have to.

Lower Total Cost
Either by paying less for the actual items you get from your current supplier or store, or by outsourcing and lowering the various other costs related t0 acquiring, maintaining, and storing those supplies. Let Free My Time help you compare prices and evaluate whether or not we can cut your bottom dollar.

Decreased Liability
Why increase your liability risks by exposing your employees to potential injury resulting from a traffic accident or heavy lifting?

No Contracts
We want you to keep using our service because you want to, not because you have to.

No Minimum Orders
Order what you want, when you want it!

Fast, Flexible Next Day Delivery